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Jane – April Linder

May 7, 2012
Jane by April Lindner

Jane by April Lindner. Young Adult retelling of a classic Jane Eyre story.

Note: Meet Bailey, a Just the Right Book subscriber who has offered to review Young Adult books for us. We sent Jane to Bailey because we thought it would be Just Right for her. Here’s what she thought of it:

Jane by April Lindner

 This is a great book for lovers of a classic romance story.  Jane’s sense of being an outcast and not wanted or loved by her peers is easy to connect to everyday life. She struggles to find her purpose in life and her place in the world like many people today. Used to being overshadowed by her beautiful sister and popular older brother, she embodies the conflict of being different in a world where there are clear lines you must follow in order to fit in. Although Jane doesn’t have many friends, lots of money, or fantastic style, what she does have is confidence in her strengths and the will to make the best of every situation. She proves that beauty and popularity are not the keys to life and that when it comes to true love nothing can stand in the way.

Jane is an average, unremarkable girl who finds herself thrust unexpectedly into the world of fame and fortune. Although she would rather study and work on her art, she is forced to work as a nanny after her parents die in a car accident and money for college starts to run out. When she is sent to look after the daughter of the infamous rock star, Nico Rathburn, her immediate concerns are whether or not he is really over his wild ways. However, after getting to know Nico and his household she comes to have a new outlook on life and gets the chance to experience true love. Although the journey isn’t easy, she is able to define who she is and what she wants along the way. The seemingly simplistic plot line takes an unexpected dramatic twist in the second half of the novel as complications arise with her budding romance all leading to a satisfactory ending.

Teen Blogger Bailey S California

By: Bailey Shoenberger

About Bailey:  16 year old from Orange County, California. She loves being in the sun, on the beach, or swimming with her swim team. Oldest of four avid readers.

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  1. Breanna permalink
    June 13, 2012 11:49 pm

    Jane is a BEAST book!!!

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