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“The Bookstore of My Dreams” and some blog love

October 26, 2011

A successful big-city accountant gives up her hard-earned career to move to the suburbs and open her dream bookstore. Sound like something out of a novel or movie? Well, it’s the real-life story of Roxanne Coady, founder of JTRB and our mother bookstore, RJ Julia. Read Roxanne’s guest post on the blog Facing Forty Upside Down. Amazing and inspiring!

“Was it scary? Did our friends and family doubt us? Did we doubt ourselves? Sure. I’m a pretty sturdy person, but I’m not immune to fear. I think when something is truly important to you, you can sacrifice a lot of stability and the fear takes a back seat. You can kind of run on the confidence you feel about that thing you’ve chosen to pursue. That’s how I felt about books.”

Facing Forty Upside Down: “The Bookstore of My Dreams” – How Roxanne Coady left her career, started RJ Julia Booksellers, and made her own dreams come true.


Our Just the Right Book gift service also got a nice mention this week on Good Reads with Ronna. Check out Ronna’s site for great kids’ and YA book recommendations. In browsing her archives, I found a bunch of fun picture books that I can’t wait to buy for kids on my gift list this year. Especially this one:

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