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Introducing our Contemporary Classics Quiz

October 20, 2011

Here at Just the Right Book, we’re always trying to find fun new ways to engage with our friends and customers (and hopefully make some new friends and customers in the process). We’ve been hard at work for the past few weeks putting the finishing touches on our newest quiz, Contemporary Classics — featuring some of our favorite books from the past 75 years.

Click below to try our quiz, and let us know what you think!

Why Contemporary Classics?
We already have our FictionFinder Quiz, which recommends only brand-new must-read books. With Contemporary Classics, we wanted to revisit old favorites and remind you of great books you may have been meaning to read but just haven’t gotten around to yet, or books you may have missed.

How did you decide which books to include in the quiz?
We gathered input from our network of book experts — among us are veteran booksellers (with more than a century of combined experience), English teachers, people with advanced degrees in literature, authors, editors, big-name book industry folks, and other avid readers and book club members — in other words, some of the best-read people around. We all thought about what we considered the “must-read” books of the past 75 years, combed through lists of award-winners, and whittled the list down to a carefully curated pool that includes books for every mood.

How does the quiz work?
The questions and answer choices in the quiz are designed to capture specific qualities of taste and mood. Then our “human algorithm” considers which of the books in our pool have the qualities that align with what you’ve indicated you are looking for while taking the quiz. We call it a “human algorithm” because it’s been created by our book experts to replicate as closely as possible the experience you would have walking into your local indie bookstore and talking to a bookseller. It’s not based on the wisdom of crowds; it’s based on the wisdom of experts. We put a lot of thought into every aspect of the quiz, because we love the warm fuzzy feeling of being able to successfully match the right book with the right reader.

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